12 Tips for Surviving Christmas.

12 Tips for Surviving Christmas

Christmas has different meaning for each of us. For some it’s a time of joy, fun and general happy celebration. For others it can be stressful, anxiety-ridden and more of a trial to get through. It can also be a time of loss, remembrance, sadness.

I have put together 12 simple tips to help make the Christmas period a time that is more manageable, no matter what your view of it is. I hope they help and I wish you well over the coming weeks x

12 tips for surviving Christmas


  1. Be kind to yourself. It’s ok to take some time each day just for you. In the days leading up to Christmas, and over the period itself, planning an oasis of self care for yourself at some point in the day is a great way to get through. It just needs to be something that will help you relax.


  1. Connect. Make time to be with people you actually want to be with. Often we feel obliged to spend the holidays with people who stress us out so arranging to meet up with people who make you feel good can be an antidote. Not necessarily on Christmas Day…but at some point.


  1. Accept that Christmas is not always as it appears in the movies and although it can feel difficult and overwhelming… it’s a temporary time. You can get through it if you just take time for you…. and breathe.


  1. Plan Ahead. Write down the plan for your Christmas. Often by writing things down they become more organised and less overwhelming. Once you know what needs doing you can allocate days and times to do those things. Once they are done for the day you are allowed to sit down and relax.


  1. What really needs doing? Will the sky fall in if you don’t do the ironing or make homemade cranberry sauce? The answer is no! Simplify things so that you are not constantly working and worn to a frazzle.


  1. Look at what is stressing you out and consider what you can do to change it. Do you have to spend so much money? Do you have to go to that place or have those people over? So often we feel trapped in traditions, but there are no rules about these things. We have choices.


  1. Drink water. It might seem a simple thing to do, but it’s easy to spend the whole of Christmas over eating and over drinking. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some delicious treats, but water can keep you hydrated and feeling healthier.


  1. Exercise! Getting out and about and moving can help you to feel invigorated and refreshed. You don’t have to go for a 10k run or start playing squash, but going for a walk in the fresh air is an excellent way of getting your heart and lungs working. And you can even talk to the people you go with!


  1. Sleep! If you’re out and about enjoying the party season or up till 3 in the morning wrapping last minute presents, the lack of sleep can take its toll. Finding time over the holidays to get an early night and a good sleep can be a life saver.


  1. Talk to people. If you are struggling then don’t assume people can mind read what you are thinking, feeling or going through. Tell them before it all becomes too much. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Whether it’s asking someone to clear the table or talking through the fact that you’re missing a loved one … talk.


  1. Give to others. Christmas can be hard for all sorts of reasons and you won’t be the only one who’s struggling. Stop for a moment to give your time, your focus, your love to those around you who may be finding it tough. It feels good to make someone else feel cared for.


  1. Think of next year. When it’s all over and you shut the front door on the final guest, make yourself a cup of tea in the quiet, reflect on how Christmas has been… the good, the bad and the ugly. Make a list of the things that were great and which you will want to repeat. And make a list of things you will change next year to make Christmas easier, simpler and more enjoyable. Remember – you can make Christmas just how you would like it to be. There are no rules set in stone…


Wishing you a warm, happy and relaxed Christmas xx



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