Cognitive Hypnotherapy – the reason its my silver lining.

Everything Happens for a Reason

It might seem a bit cheesy, but you often hear people saying, “Everything happens for a reason…” It is something I say myself sometimes, but, you know what? I really believe it. Working as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist was not something I ever planned on doing. In fact, I didn’t really have a plan. I drifted from university to a job in London casinos, to motherhood and a job as a Teaching Assistant. From the outside everything probably looked pretty easy and ordinary….. a pleasant life with no huge traumas.

Post Natal Depression in Welwyn

Of course, to a certain extent this is true. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and two lovely sons, but life has had its ups and downs. As a student I wrote very miserable poetry. I won’t inflict it upon you here! When my boys were little I was one of the mums who picked the raffle prize of Post Natal Depression and for a while there I struggled. I can remember thinking that there was really no point to my life. It seemed like a very black hole, with no future, no joy and no reason. My daily aim was to keep my coffee table clear.

stormy skies over marshes

When I look back at those times they seem like another world, another life… a bleak landscape. The thing is, I am glad that I went through them. I am glad that I had days where life weighed on me like a dark monster….because now, when a client comes to see me with depression, or anxiety, or a feeling of worthlessness….I can understand and empathise with a little bit of how they feel. Every person is different and its not up to me to diagnose or to pretend that I know exactly how they feel, but I can remember enough of my own experience to know the courage it takes to pick up the phone and ask for help. I understand the courage it takes to tell another human being just how awful you feel.

The thing is…. I came through the darkness. I am living proof that you can come through the awfulness, the fear and the hopelessness and live a life that is happy, hopeful and full of light. You just need to keep going, find the right help and believe that every day you wake up is a day closer to you living the life you want. I know it might sound trite to say that everything happens for a reason, but I really believe that going through the hard stuff gives you strength that others don’t have. If you can find one thing in your day that is good, then you have something to build on.

Loving my Job…

Its one of the reasons I love my job. If I can help one person step out of that negative loop of behaviour that is making their days so difficult, then I feel very privileged. To be able to laugh together in a session and have my client leave with a little less weight on their shoulders, is really rather fantastic. To be able to do this and to imagine the other people out there, with problems that can be solved, is my silver lining. It gives the dark days, all those years ago, a very special reason.

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I know it takes courage to make that call, but I will do my best to make it easy.

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