How Does Anxiety Feel?

Who Suffers From Anxiety?

The clients  who come to see me are normal people, just like anybody else. And yet so many of them are suffering from an invisible condition, a condition that they fight hard to hide from others. They describe their feelings to me and although they are all different, I can often see a pattern…

Women who are professionals with responsibilities and who, to most of the people around them, seem together and confident, brim with tears as they describe their feelings.

Students and Mums, Men and Women….just people…..all can suffer from Anxiety…

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How Does Anxiety Feel?

“I feel like I’m being suffocated when it happens. I try to breathe, but I can’t. It feels like I’m suffocating and I get pins and needles in my fingers…”

“I just overthink everything! My mind keeps running over every possible scenario until I feel as though I’m out of control. I just can’t relax and once I’m awake, that’s me for the night. What’s wrong with me?”

“I feel sick and my stomach gets cramps. I’m so scared that I’m going to be sick in front of everyone and then I’ll just be mortified.”

The physical symptoms of Anxiety can be debilitating. Hearts pound, breathing quickens, people feel sick and sweaty. Our minds play tricks on us, making us think that everybody around us knows how we are feeling and everybody thinks we are weird in some way. Clients have told me that they do everything to avoid situations where their Anxiety can be triggered.

When to Seek Help for Anxiety.

And people suffer in silence for years….. It’s often only when they can’t take any more that they seek help. If only they looked for that help earlier! There are ways to bring ourselves back to the way we want to feel, to bring ourselves back to be our best selves again, and sometimes to be someone we thought we could only dream of being.

That might sound ridiculous or impossible, but I would ask, “Where are the rules that say we have to be a certain way? Who says we have to continue living life the same negative, anxious way?”

There are no rules and if we make the decision to ask for help we can start to make a change. We can start on the journey to be the person we always wanted to be – free of Anxiety and unnecessary fears.

There are so many types of help out there, from Counsellors to Psychotherapists to Psychologists to the work that I do. Not every therapy suits every person, but every therapy suits someone. It’s just a case of finding the right therapist – someone who we can trust, feel comfortable with.

I have written a blog post about finding the right therapist and if I can help in any way I’m happy to arrange a chat. Change can happen.


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