Exam Failure

If you are reading this post then the chances are that you have experienced exam failure and your world has or might be about to collapse around your feet… The word ‘failure’ is a horrible word. It conjures up images of misery, despair and the crushing of all hope. But wait just a minute. This Continue reading »

How to Cope with Exam Nerves.

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GCSE & A Levels Exam Nerves can be horrible. This post aims to help you overcome them by giving you simple techniques to use. If you, or someone in your house, have exams coming up or if you are in the middle of them, then I hope you are excited to show all the work Continue reading »

Anxiety and How to Cope.

What is anxiety? When we say we are suffering from anxiety, what do we mean? How do we feel? For each of us the emotion will be different, but there are fundamental parts of the feeling that we all share. The physical symptoms of anxiety – for example: shallow breathing butterflies in our tummies (technical Continue reading »

Exam nerves or excitement?

Exam Nerves This year is a big year in our house. Both my sons are sitting exams… GCSEs and A Levels….. and they both have very different approaches to those exams. My eldest son is so laid back about them that he is practically horizontal. He has inherited my somewhat odd enjoyment of the formal Continue reading »

How and Why to Choose a Therapist.

Feeling Blue I felt rubbish at the weekend… You know those days when you just lose your mojo and end up moping about feeling sorry for yourself? Do you get those days? Well, I certainly do. They don’t happen too often, luckily enough, but when they do I just try to tell myself to tread Continue reading »

How to make your own “Confidence Button”.

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How to set an anchor… or create a magic time portal to your emotions. Confidence is an elusive thing….. I was ironing a shirt a year or so ago. An unusual occurrence itself in my house. I hate ironing. The thing was though… all of a sudden the smell of the iron smoothing through the clean cotton brought my father Continue reading »