What Clients Say …


“Just a quick note to say I’m shooting my first wedding since our sessions tomorrow and I’m not feeling anxious or nervous at all, it just feels exciting and I can’t wait to get back to it.
Thank you again for all your help, I’m so happy and relieved that the anxiety that made me feel so miserable is a thing of the past. Bring on tomorrow!”
S, 31, Photographer, Greater Manchester.


“The past month has been brilliant, I feel invigorated and have such peace of mind. Probably the happiest and content I have been as an adult.  People have been noticing a spark back and confidence in everything. I know I am so far forward now but must keep my feet on the ground.
Thank you does not express how grateful I am to you for working with me on this road. Throughout I have looked forward to our meetingsand found your downloads thoroughly constructive and comforting.”
H, 22, Teacher, Herts.


“My son had started having anxiety at night time and having bad dreams. When visiting Sarah she immediately made Tom feel at ease and helped him vocalise and understand how he felt. The techniques Sarah put in place to help Tom deal with everything all worked really well. Shortly afterwards Tom was able to get to sleep and lost the anxiety. This experience was a long time ago and Tom has never had anxiety issues since. I would happily recommend Sarah.” 

A – mother, Dorset.


“I cannot recommend Sarah enough. I started going to her in a time of my life where I was mentally drowning and in only 2 sessions I’ve felt the difference in myself. I’m not where I need to be yet, but I know with confidence that I will get there thanks to Sarah. In a society where doctors want to throw pills at you instead of dealing with the root cause of anxiety, Sarah is a breath of fresh air for those like me that do not want medication. I genuinely look forward to our sessions. She is understanding and caring, and easily the most calming person I’ve ever met. I can’t thank you enough, Sarah and I am excited to see more improvement.”

I – Mother, Herts aged 28


” She is a changed child, she’s more confident in her life, she doesn’t worry about going away (only the normal 15 yr old having the right things!) and often she doesn’t even call.

It’s so wonderful to see, neither my husband or I say anything to her as I remember you saying she will see it all as normal. She even comes home and says she’s enjoyed her time.

Thank you so much for your time and patience… You do the most amazing therapy. I was so worried before we came.”

Mother of E (15)


” I am a different person now than I was when I first saw her. I cannot thank her enough. She has changed my life immeasurably.”

A (20) student.


“Being a relatively young person dealing with anxiety on a daily basis I was a little nervous to contact Sarah. Hypnotherapy wasn’t something I had ever thought would be an option for me and thought my anxiety was something I just had to deal with.

From the start Sarah made me feel really at ease and didn’t make me talk about anything I wasn’t comfortable with. It’s crazy what your brain can do and with Sarah’s help I was able to conquer my anxiety.

From the start there was nothing but trust, honesty and professionalism from Sarah and I would be more than happy to recommend anyone to her! She really makes you feel at ease and is almost a friend beside you who understands what you’re going through.

I knew it wasn’t going to be a short process but after 3 sessions over 2 months I feel great. The breathing techniques and “mind training” she gave me are things that I couldn’t live without now. Thank you Sarah!”

 E, 21, Recruitment, Herts


“From the initial phone call Sarah made me feel at ease talking about my anxiety of having much needed surgery and how my fear and anxiety were impacting on the quality of my life due to constant pain.
From my first to last session she helped me to face and overcome my anxiety about the surgery.  Always guiding me through what on a few occasions were hard sessions for me.
When the day of surgery came, I knew I could do it, but to my surprise I was relaxed and calm.  I remembered all the things Sarah had taught me and I know that they were very much the reason I was able to face the surgery.
I am now 12 weeks post op and feel amazing.  I have the freedom I wanted so much, which I can not thank Sarah enough for.
I would not hesitate to see Sarah if I ever need to again and would recommend her to family and friends.
Thank you amazing lady, I wish you all the very best that life can bring.
You will be forever in my thoughts.”
 L, NHS professional, Herts.


” Sarah, Words can’t really express how grateful I am for your help last week. Thanks to you I was able to have the most amazing weekend without a single wobble…you were so calm, understanding, empathetic & non-judgmental. Thank you!”  J, Teacher, 48, Herts


“My sessions with Sarah were hugely beneficial to me, in that they helped me to recognise exactly why certain situations were causing me anxiety, and how to change my thought processes to help rather than hinder my ability to deal with them. Our conversations and the accompanying recordings have helped me to become more relaxed and to see opportunities and positives where before I would have seen problems. Sarah’s warm and friendly approach immediately put me at ease, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking similar help.”

K, 43, Designer, Herts.


“My son (age 12) saw Sarah twice to overcome feelings of anxiety in a specific situation at school.

He is now doing brilliantly. He is not only successfully using the techniques that Sarah gave him in the original situation, but is also applying them my widely when he feels anxious. This has increased his confidence enormously.

Sarah has a natural ability to connect and empathise with children and young people of all ages. She made the sessions fun and relaxed and my son had complete confidence in her.

Thank you.”

K, Civil Servant from Herts.


“I really highly recommend Sarah. The download I’ve got from her has helped me sleep better for the first time for years. I’ve tried many different techniques and had become quite a skeptic, but listening to Sarah has really made a difference. I’ve finally been able to have quality sleep that has made a big difference to my daily life.”

N,  T.A  from Herts.


“I first started seeing Sarah when I was in Year 10. I had only 3 or 4 sessions with her and my confidence grew dramatically so when it came to doing my GCSE Drama performance 18 months later I had no fears at all. Sarah also helped improve my overall confidence such as speaking to others and I am more able to make new friends. Thanks Sarah.”

A, student aged 16 from Herts.


” Sarah helped me with the terrible race nerves I have suffered with every time I prepared for and ran a race. After two sessions and listening to her MP3 recording every night I began to feel more positive about the whole race day experience. The proof came on race day itself. I ran a half marathon on Sunday and although there was very little difference in my time that didn’t matter. The way I felt before and during the race made for an altogether more pleasurable experience. Yes, it was hard but I loved it and finished strong with joy in my heart rather than desperate for it to end. Thank you so much Sarah.”

P, Beauty Therapist & runner, 45. Herts.


“Sarah immediately made me feel at ease and helped me to rationalize my feelings and behaviours. I feel happy knowing that she is there for me if I need to see her.”

Surveyed client, Herts.


If you would like to arrange a chat with me to see how I can help you then please give me a call on 07894564287 and maybe your success story can be on this page one day. How lovely would that be?


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