Who Needs Therapy?

So…who needs therapy? Its for Americans, isn’t it? And for people with real mental health problems? Therapy is self indulgent and a waste of money…Isn’t it?

Well, of course I am going to disagree with all of those statements. I am a therapist, after all. However, when you think about those statements – they are simply wrong. Therapy is for everyone who has a problem. We all need to look after ourselves, body and mind, so a holistic approach is a healthy way to live.

Who Comes to Therapy?

It would be easier to tell you who doesn’t come to therapy. The people I see are as varied as their problems. I have clients who are men, women, students and children. If you walked into my therapy room and it was filled with people, you would not be able to spot the people who were my clients. Although, if they were all in my room they would probably all be my clients…

The reason for this is that my clients are ordinary, normal people. They are just going through a time in their life where they feel that they need help. They might have a fear, or be anxious. They sometimes have had difficult pasts. Others feel stuck in a pattern of behaviour that means they really cannot see the woods for the trees.

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So many of us struggle on alone. Normality becomes a shell we wear to protect ourselves. On the outside we are normal people, going to work, raising families, living life. On the inside we struggle and feel lost.

How Can Therapy Help?

There are so many forms of therapy, so many types of therapist and finding the right one for you is important. Deciding to talk to a therapist can feel difficult. It means admitting to yourself that you need help and when you are feeling vulnerable anyway, that can be hard. Asking for help is not weakness, its a sign of strength. Its the first step to being the person you want to be.

Many of my clients have never spoken about their problem before and finally talking through their fears can be liberating. Sometimes talking out loud about something can show you the way to make it feel better. Its like opening a tap and releasing the built up pressure of stress and anxiety. I love seeing people walk out with hope in their heart. That might sound a bit cheesy, but its true,

Not only do we talk about the problem, we talk about the solution. We create a goal for the future and start to find ways of attaining that goal. There’s no reason why you can’t be the person you want to be. There are no rules that say you have to always stay the same.

Therapy can open up a world of possibilities for you. Its not a case of constantly discussing your problems, but more a case of setting you on a journey to a future you. There are so many techniques that can alter your perception of life and give you the freedom to be who you want to be.

What will People Say?

So many people trudge on with their problems thinking that they are the only person they know who is suffering. People worry about the stigma of admitting they need help. In reality many, many people have either been touched by issues themselves or know someone who is or has been suffering. The chances are that people will be interested in or sympathetic to what you are experiencing. Seeing a therapist is no longer something to hide.

We spend money on clothes, our hair, going to the gym, eating the right food – why would we not look after our mental health too? Its just another facet to the way we live, the way we care for ourselves. The old adage of “a problem shared is a problem halved” is so true, but with a therapist you not only have someone to listen to you, you have someone who can actively help.

If you are interested in finding out more about how I could help you or someone you know then do please contact me for a chat. You can email me at:

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